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October 5, 2007

A cell off the old block

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Boy with  osteopetrosis given a new chance for life after his pro-active parents researched his condition on the internet and discovered there was real hope because of adult stem cells.

Father’s stem cells provide new life for son with rare disease

By David Myers

Catholic News Service (

DODGE CITY, Kan. (CNS) – Three-year-old Andrew Mueting of Dodge City is a bright, happy-go-lucky, energetic little boy. But when he was 4 months old, doctors gave him a bleak prognosis.

Born with malignant infantile osteopetrosis, an exceedingly rare blood disorder that affects approximately 20 U.S. babies a year, Andrew was expected to spend his few years of life fighting anemia and infections, struggling with weak bones and eventual blindness and deafness.

Now, thanks to a new procedure that utilized his father’s adult stem cells, Andrew is expected to live a long, healthy life with few ill effects.

The troubles began for Nick and Paula Mueting soon after Andrew was born. He wasn’t growing, it was a struggle for him to eat and he had a bulge atop his head where most babies have a soft spot.

“He spent a week in a Wichita hospital,” said Nick Mueting. “They didn’t know exactly what was wrong. They saw on a blood test he was slightly anemic. Finally they took some X-rays and realized that all of his ribs were fractured and his bones appeared very dense.” continue


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