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October 20, 2007

Cord blood banking catching on

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This article illustrates a steady trend across the nation; more states are enacting bills to establish and fund cord blood banks, hospitals are coming onboard,  and more  parents are offering the gift of life after giving birth. Notably, California only recently enacted a state-wide cord blood bank system . . . despite the  state’s apparent cash-rich conditions for embryonic stem cell research.

‘If it saves another life, perfect.’
When parents bring a child into the world, joy can lead to hope for others. Stem cell-rich umbilical cord blood helps treat diseases such as leukemia.

When Suzanne and Brian Eplett were expecting five years ago, they wanted to donate the baby’s umbilical cord blood so that a sick person could use the stem cells for disease treatment.But the Epletts could not find a way to give the blood to a public bank. On Tuesday, the Lilburn couple welcomed their third child, Keith, into the world at DeKalb Medical Center. They donated his cord blood to StemCyte, a company that works with the hospital to collect and store cord blood.

“I’d much rather have the cord blood be used by someone who needs it than have it be thrown away,” Suzanne Eplett, 33, said several hours after her C-section.

Likewise, Yolanda Gurley was delighted about the birth on Oct. 5 of her first child, Janiya Alexis. The new Douglasville mom also is thrilled that her daughter’s delivery could potentially save a life.

“If someone else benefits from it, if it saves another life, perfect,” said Gurley, 36.

For several years, families have been able to privately store their baby’s umbilical cord in case the baby, a sibling or other family member developed a disease that could be treated with stem cells. Now, many doctors and medical experts are encouraging families to consider donating their baby’s cord blood to public banks.

The new program at DeKalb Medical gives families in metro Atlanta an option for public donation. continue


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