Adult Stem Cell Awareness

October 28, 2007

Motivated yet? Are you ready to blog?

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We need Catholic bloggers to join this initiative to make the issues we care about more accessible, better known, and more widely disseminated. All over the U.S. are state and local ballots with lethal implications – not only for the embryos who will be used, abused, and disposed of, but consider all the people who will not benefit from life-saving adult stem cell therapies that were underfunded and undeveloped because state funds were slated for embryonic stem cell research. Research, friends, that many no longer even pretend is meant to yield cures.

Meanwhile, although cures and life-saving turnarounds from adult stem cell therapies have been saving people for decades, some of the sickest patients in the United States have to travel to faraway countries to receive adult stem cell therapies. Dr. Dario Fauza believes he can save babies prenatally diagnosed with a number of conditions from tissue generated from cells taken from babies’ amniotic fluid. But years after these initial great results, he recently informed me, he has not been given permission to begin clinical trials. Why is that?

What can we do about it? What must we do about it? First, if you are a Catholic/pro-life blogger – will you help? Let’s get the word out there to our people. Have your own blog? You can commit to blogging periodically about adult stem cell successes. If you’d like to blog it here on Adult Stem Cell Awareness, we’d like to have you join the team! Send in a comment and we’ll be in touch with you.

Second, let’s advocate! There is a bill in committee right now that needs our support. The Patient First Act of 2007 is sitting in committee and it needs some action. This Act can help cut through frustrating inactivity and counter the state-level shenanigans that fill the coffers of dead-end and destructive embryonic stem cell research labs. Let’s get the word out to make sure the House Energy and Commerce Committee knows what we want them to do.

We can make a difference – and it doesn’t even require all that much of us. This is a cause that we can all feel good about it: cures without controversy!



  1. Count me in! I have been blogging for a little over a year and much of it has to do with stem cell research. I live in Missouri and worked hard on the campaign to defeat Amendment 2 (which enshrined human cloning in our state’s Constitution). Now I am helping with a new campaign to truly ban all human cloning in Missouri. You can find out more about all of that on my website, Reflections of a Paralytic. You can also view my Adult Stem Cell Research archives. I love that you are doing this!!


    Comment by Chelsea — October 29, 2007 @ 12:39 am | Reply

  2. […] raising awareness of the many advancements in adult stem cell technology. They are now asking for motivated bloggers to consider blogging periodically about adult stem cell research since the main stream media […]

    Pingback by Reflections of a Paralytic » Raising Adult Stem Cell Awareness — October 29, 2007 @ 1:44 am | Reply

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