Adult Stem Cell Awareness

November 12, 2007

Fr. Tad Pacholczyk offers top 10 stem cell myths

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Catholic Exchange posted this top ten that won’t be featured on Letterman, but one that every Catholic and conscientious person should know. Especially take note of #4, in light of today’s headlines. We’ll just tease you with the list – go read the commentary over at CE!

Ten Great Myths in the Debate Over Stem Cell Research

1. Stem cells can only come from embryos.

2. The Catholic Church is against stem cell research.

3. Embryonic stem cell research has the greatest promise.

4. Therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning are fundamentally different from one another.

5. Somatic cell nuclear transfer is different from cloning.

 6. By doing somatic cell nuclear transfer, we can directly produce tissues or organs without having to clone an embryo.

7. Every body cell, or somatic cell, is somehow an embryo and thus a human life.

8. Because no sperm is used in cloning, the resultant embryo can’t be a human being and it must be OK to destroy it for its stem cells.

9. Because frozen embryos may one day end up being discarded by somebody, that makes it morally allowable, even laudable, to violate and destroy those embryos.

10. Because large numbers of embryos generated during intercourse are lost from the woman’s body and die naturally, that makes it permissible for us to destroy embryos in research.


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    I have long maintained that the U.S. is experiencing a conservative sociopolitical swing. The Reagan & Bush the Elder era of the 1980’s was fairly conservative. Then came President Clinton and the “do what you want” attitude of t…

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