Adult Stem Cell Awareness

November 20, 2007

First Things: Vindication for pro-science pro-lifers

Thanks Shelray for passing this First Things article along. The internet is exploding with news of the shift toward somatic cell reprogramming. Joseph Bottum writes in Embryonic Stem Cells and Those Pro-Science Pro-Lifers:

The people who turn out actually to have believed in the power of science are the pro-lifers—the ones who said that a moral roadblock is not, in point of fact, an outrageous hindrance, for scientists will always find another, less-objectionable way to achieve their goals.

Note to Susan – and all of us trying to understand this breakthrough:  Yamanaka’s success with somatic cell reprogramming is reported to not require eggs – this is – I think- a modification of the OAR method we have been reading about, which would require eggs. This newer  method uses retroviral transduction to introduce four key genes into the cell to achieve cell de-differentiation. There is a lot of information available today on “induced pluripotent state” at the Westchester Institute (which is where I found the information distinguishing this newer method from OAR). I hope this information helps address the issues from two posts ago.


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