Adult Stem Cell Awareness

November 23, 2007

A day late and a dollar short?

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All the fantastic news about induced pluripotent stem cell breakthroughs has had me wondering if this blog should be nominated for an award. I think we could qualify for: Worst Timed Blog Ever! Yeah, a month or so into blogging and the need for “adult stem cell awareness” has just become superfluous. But is that really true? No, it’s not true. This commentary sent in from Bill Schneeberger helps clarify the continuing need for ongoing “adult stem cell  awareness” initiatives:

Why have we not seen an article that references the expertise of adult stem cell researchers in the mainstream media. This is unbelievable! I have met, spoken with,  and shared a glass of wine with actual patients whose lives have been saved because of adult stem cell research. Not one of these patients’ stories (to my knowledge) has come out in the past few days.

Adult Stem Cell Research is not just about saving embryos. It is also about born persons being cured yesterday, today and tomorrow from real adult stem cell therapy.

It is critical that we spread the word so this life saving therapy is available to everyone. I just spoke to a wine customer of mine who been told that he has congestive heart failure. And guess what? He needs to be told of the benefits available to him – adult stem cell therapy.

The news from the past few days is wonderful but it is only the first step in a long journey to get the truth out.

Thanks Bill – I needed to be reminded. Back to work we go.


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