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November 29, 2007

Nature editorial, let’s have fun with this one!

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Sometimes the material rolls in so fast I wish I could spend all day blogging it! But alas, with a house full of kids, and a husband who does need to eat occasionally, it’s just not reasonable.

How about we take our time with this editorial from Nature, “An Inconvenient Truth: Research on Embryonic Stem Cells Must Go On“. What do you think? Shall we peruse, as they say, and enjoy this one together? I’m really getting a laugh out of a few of these paragraphs.

I’d like to start with the title of the thing, personally. Incovenient Truth . . . inconvenient for . . . who? Who is backed into the corner here forced to make excuses for destroying  embryos . . . that must be very inconvenient, indeed.

 And how about the end:

Just as soon as there is no scientific need to work on embryonic stem cells, researchers will design their experiments to use much easier material. But that moment has not yet arrived.

No scientific need? Well, that’s the ticket, isn’t it? This is like inventing the perpetual motion machine of justifications.

Your thoughts?

Round Two:

Do they think this really helps:

Many stem-cell scientists share this general unease, both because of the dilemma of working with embryos and because women must donate eggs for the process, in a highly invasive procedure. . .

These scientists are not oblivious to the ethical issues and they are not merely indulging personal fascination. They have not denied the importance of doing research on adult stem-cells and reprogramming in parallel. It would be a relief for them if all the scientific problems had been solved in the papers published last week — abandoning work on human embryonic stem cells would allow them to operate with a clear conscience and without having to defend their work all the time.

Embryonic stem cell researchers are now moral martyrs! They are offering up their own personal sense of moral peace for the greater good of all! Do you find this article as pathetic as I do?

Did it not occur to them that acknowledging moral conflicts works against them here? These “conscientious” scientists are not coming across as science heroes. They are coming across as moral failures. Period.

I much prefer the moral agnostic who simply doesn’t believe it’s wrong to destroy embryos to the conflicted soul who just can’t muster up the courage to stand up for his convictions and do the right thing. As I said before, if Nature is giving us an accurate window into the concsience of our scientific community, we’ve got a crisis of leadership.



  1. I’d like to know more! No decicsion. Please help me understand! Thanks.

    Comment by Manuel Turner — December 18, 2007 @ 8:25 am | Reply

  2. Sounds good to me. I’m in no hury , just interested. Feed your folks. New computer, and exploring the opportiniest tot ouch base with like minds. Forgive my bad typing. The subject is interersting to me. No advandced degree, but still very interested! Have a great dinner!

    Comment by Manuel Turner — December 18, 2007 @ 8:38 am | Reply

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