Adult Stem Cell Awareness

December 6, 2007

Adios, sickle cell anemia – part two

Here’s a lovely development – iPCS’s treat sickle cell anemia in mice:

Researchers followed a well-established protocol for differentiating embryonic stem cells into precursors of bone marrow adult stem cells, which can be transplanted into mice to generate normal blood cells. The scientists created such precursor cells from the IPS cells, replaced the defective blood-production gene in the precursor cells with a normal gene, and injected the resulting cells back into the diseased mice.

The blood of treated mice was tested with standard analyses employed for human patients. The analyses showed that the disease was corrected, with measurements of blood and kidney functions similar to those of normal mice.

Whether using therapies with umbilical cord cells or with reprogrammed cells, we are getting very close to proclaiming,”Hasta la vista, sickle cell anemia”.  As a carrier of this trait with children who are carriers, I couldn’t be happier for my future grandchildren!

HT to Wesley Smith

Editing to add: Check out Dr. Nuckols’ commentary on this topic.



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