Adult Stem Cell Awareness

December 17, 2007

Adult Stem Cells Treating Patients…Again

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Here a 50 year old man awaiting a heart transplant was treated with muscle stem cells taken out of his thigh:

After the treatment, the patient’s heart functions, including pulse rate and quantity of blood pumped, all improved rapidly. On Sept. 5, or 98 days after the treatment, it became possible to remove the pacemaker. According to the hospital, the man’s heart functions have almost fully recovered, and he is able to lead a normal daily life.

This is not the first time a heart patient has been treated with ASCs either.

According to a Japanese study, doctors have used stem cells from liposuctioned fat to fix breast defects in women after they have undergone breast cancer surgery. (HT for both stories: Wesley Smith)

An Arizona boy was treated for severe scoliosis with stem cells from his own bone marrow:

(Dr. Mark) Flood straightened and bolstered Matthew’s spine with a series of rods and pins _ a typical surgical treatment for severe scoliosis. Then the surgeon combined Matthew’s own stem cells, which had been concentrated to pack about 10 times more cells than the traditional method, with crushed bone from the hospital bone bank.

He injected the puttylike mixture into the upper-middle section of Matthew’s spine, between the rods, where the mixture will grow into bone and protect the spine against further curvature.

“What’s revolutionary is the use of the concentrated stem cells,” Flood said before the surgery. “We can avoid the pain of taking bone, and increase fusion.”

(HT: Jivin Jehoshaphat)

I always get these stories second hand…probably because they don’t get very wide media coverage. However, Wesley Smith seems to think that the adult stem cell “news blockade” is starting to crumble. In light of recent advancements in the field, I should hope so.


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