Adult Stem Cell Awareness

December 21, 2007

Rejoice, Rejoice!


First, if you don’t visit over these few remaining days of Advent, we want to take this opportunity to wish you all a beautiful and holy Christmas season. We have so much to celebrate in the very Incarnation and birth of Christ our Savior! Truly, let us REJOICE!

Second, we have great news to share with you! Our friend and sponsor Bill Schneeberger’s Christmas gift was delivered a little early . . . and the mission behind this blog is truly beginning to unfold as hoped. Bill has been working for a long time to secure a Presidential Proclamation designating June as Adult Stem Cell Awareness Month. Finally, Alabama Governor Bob Riley has sponsored and drafted the request letter,  and is sending it to President Bush as I write.  Senator Sam Brownback’s office and, in particular, his Chief of Staff, Robert K. Wasinger, will be following the request closely and assisting  with the proclamation process.

If President Bush does indeed designate June as Adult Stem Cell Awareness Month, so much can be done on the federal level to help educate Americans about the real hope and real cures that come from adult stem cell research and therapies. Awareness campaign proclamations really work – skeptical? Think pink . . . or red . . .

We’ll follow up after the new year to suggest ways that you can help bring about Adult Stem Cell Awareness Month – stay stuned. And most of all, have a happy and grace-filled Christmas!


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