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January 9, 2008

IPSC method receives criticism

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Shelray and Leticia send in this article  by Dr. Theresa Deisher, which recently appeared on Children of God for Life.  She notes that Thompson and Yamanaka both chose – uneccessarily – to use genetic material from aborted fetuses. She comments:

Why have we been silent when there are alternatives to cells such as the HEK 293, made from an aborted fetus?  Blockbuster drugs were developed, biomedical research made huge strides, and health care was transformed in the 21st century without the use of morally unacceptable cell lines and tissues.  Within the past decade, the use of aborted fetal cell lines and tissues in drug discovery has become pervasive.  Interestingly, Biotech Industry News recently published the fact that the lowest number of annual new drug approvals ever occurred in 2006. “The number of real innovations for diseases that never had a treatment before or drugs that are really better, there is just not much there. There just are not a lot of innovations lately” (Jordan, Newark Star-Ledger, 1/4/08).  Obviously, scientific abrogation of morals has not yielded greater medical advances for humanity.

 That’s her complaint about the method – now Deisher goes on to critique the results:

In essence, we are now able to take a perfectly good skin cell and turn it into a fatal tumor-forming cell.  Is this really a ‘Victory’?

Okay, well . . . to start, Dr. Deisher concedes that IPSC’s can be produced in a moral way. That they were not is unfortunate, of course, but again, it’s an isolatable offense that need not be repeated – well, if we were not deeply steeped within a culture of death. It’s her second criticism, I think, that has more merit . . . yes, these induced pluripotent stem cells behave like embryonic stem cells — in both the anticipated good ways and of course, in at least one bad way. And this is one reason why some are refraining from jumping on the IPSC bandwagon and sticking to their stories about the promise and actual therapies and cures that have come from stem cells. But that, too, is no surprise.

The only “alternative sources” of pluripotent stem cells that have proven to be unproblematic or without some kind of ethical baggage or another, thus far, are cells taken from amniotic fluid.


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