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January 17, 2008

Another Stem Cell Breakthrough?

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You might remember that last year researchers from Advanced Cell Technology made big headlines by claiming to have been able to remove stem cells from human embryos without destroying the embryo in the process. We later found out, however, that ACT actually did end up destroying every embryo they used. Now it appears that they have really done it this time, created “several colonies” of ESCs without harming the embryos from which they were derived.

For some this is the answer the the ESC research dilemma, the embryonic life has been spared and the scientists still get their stem cells. But those who think so, just don’t get it. Mary Meets Dolly weighs in on the number of ways this method is still unethical:

1. It is unethical to create a human embryo in a dish
and treat it like a commodity, 2. Embryo biopsy is not always
successful and therefore still destroys embryos, if only part of the
time, and 3. What happens to the embryo after a piece of it is sucked out? Will it actually be implanted? Or does it go back in the deep

An excellent assessment. It is not merely the destruction of the human embryo, but the very creation and use of innocent human life for scientific advantage that makes such research unethical. Not only is this human life exceptional because of its unique capacities in the natural order, but also because we know through Divine Revelation that human life is the “image and likeness” of an all powerful and ever living God. Such a life is profoundly sacred and should never become a scientific commodity, regardless of the theoretical benefits – benefits, btw, which may never come due to the un-tameable nature of these “early cells”.

P.S. Read more on the beating heart creation here and here


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