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January 19, 2008

Stemagen: Where destruction begins with a single cell

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Stemagen, a private embryonic stem cell lab based out of California, has claimed to have successfully produced five cloned embryos which developed into blastocysts. Some of these clones were generated from skin cells donated from Dr. Samuel Wood, a Reproductive Specialist and CEO of Stemagen. Eggs were donated from women undergoing ivf services at another California lab (apparently confident they would not need those eggs to produce their own babies). Stemagen hopes to repeat the process (essentially the same method Ian Wilmut used to create Dolly) so that patient matched (embryo-destructive) cells can be derived from the clones.

Stemagen’s motto is “Healing begins with a single cell”, yet nowhere do they list a single cure that their embryo-destructive processes and products have achieved. Stemagen exists to meet the self-perpetuating “need” for more  and “new and improved” embryonic stem cell lines.

Of course, they are feeling the heat as we all know that an ethically satisticatory method of deriving patient-matched pluripotent cells exists. They need to produce now to keep their industry relevant. It’s interesting to see a little “in-fighting” as scientists vie to keep themselves important. Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology, who  is hoping to break into the no-embryo-destructive-research tide and recently reported that he can remove cells from embryos without destroying them, was semi-critical of Stemagen’s news, claiming that the quality of the clones was suspect.

 See also Chelsea’s thoughts, here, Rebecca’s, here, and Dr. Beverly’s here – all worth your time, I promise!


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