Adult Stem Cell Awareness

February 12, 2008

For some of us, February 14th is not about candy

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Okay, unless it’s Two Hearts Confections – where every purchase advances the cause of adult stem cell research and awareness!

But more seriously now, we post a lot about heart disease therapies here on ASCA because adult stem cells work nicely in hearts. That’s good news. But there is another kind of heart disease more accurately classified as congenital heart defects. These structural defects may one day be addressed through regenerative medicine, and certainly adult stem cell therapies could slow or reverse the heart failure caused by some defects. For now though, the only help for those with congenital heart defects comes by way of surgeries and pharmaceuticals.

For some of us, February 14th is Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Day.

I know about  congenital heart defects – surely more than I want to. My second child was born with life-threatening complex heart defects, the kind that really can’t be fixed. She’s just one of hundreds of thousands. Statistics say that one in a hundred children will be born with some kind of chd (congenital heart defect). Let’s face it, the odds are high that if you don’t already know and love a child born with heart defects, you will soon.

There is one organization that you can count on to fund research not only for adults with often preventable types of heart disease, but in addition, for innocent children who enter the world with messed up hearts. And for now, at least, this org does not financially support embryonic stem cell research. It’s got a household name – you may even already donate to it . . . it’s the American Heart Association.

On February 14th, as you bite into one of those yummy Two Hearts truffles, please consider donating or in some other way supporting the American Heart Association. If you do so, please tell them you applaud their stance to avoid embryonic stem cell research and their committment to people of all ages who suffer from some form of heart disease. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

P.S.  Consider asking for the intercession of Dr. Giancarlo Rastelli for all our little ones with heart defects. And on my calendar, it’s the feast day of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, so swing a prayer to them, too.

Want to see a beautiful boy who is alive today because of cardiac research? Watch this video about little Dominic and you will understand why this matters so much to parents like me.


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