Adult Stem Cell Awareness

February 14, 2008

Hey Ladies Check it Out!

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It turns out that there is more to the benefits of breast milk than we originally though. It appears that breast milk contains stem cells that aide the further development of the infant after birth (h/t Mary Meets Dolly):

“We already know how breast milk provides for the baby’s nutritional needs, but we are only just beginning to understand that it probably performs many other functions,” says Dr Cregan, a molecular biologist at The University of Western Australia.

He says that, in essence, a new mother’s mammary glands take over from the placenta to provide the development guidance to ensure a baby’s genetic destiny is fulfilled.

“It is setting the baby up for the perfect development,” he says. “We already know that babies who are breast fed have an IQ advantage and that there’s a raft of other health benefits. Researchers also believe that the protective effects of being breast fed continue well into adult life.

“The point is that many mothers see milks as identical – formula milk and breast milk look the same so they must be the same. But we know now that they are quite different and a lot of the effects of breast milk versus formula don’t become apparent for decades. Formula companies have focussed on matching breast milk’s nutritional qualities but formula can never provide the developmental guidance.”

Simply amazing. Women should never feel inferior to men. Honestly. Men play a major role in the creation of a new human being, but they surely can never boast of the amazing nurturing and life giving properties of the female body. Rejoice, therefore, for you are fearfully and wonderfully made!!

It is also true that women’s menstrual blood is rich in stem cells that even contain properties similar to embryonic stem cells.



  1. I have breastfed my three girls for a total of nearly nine years. We shared wonderful moments of bonding, and now, I am thrilled to find out I gave them stem cells. Thank you for sharing this fact.

    Comment by Leticia — February 28, 2008 @ 6:05 am | Reply

  2. […] cell research. So far scientists have been able to find stem cells in placenta, menstrual blood and breast milk. We also would not have umbilical cord blood stem cells, which have been successful in treating […]

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