Adult Stem Cell Awareness

February 15, 2008

Action item concerning Adult Stem Cell Awareness

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If you have read our “Who” page, you know that the impetus for this project is not just the fun of blogging, but ultimately to generate interest in a Presidential proclamation designating June as Adult Stem Cell Awareness Month.

 A letter has been delivered to President Bush requesting just this. Now we need anyone who cares about this issue to support the proclamation request by making phone calls, sending in emails, whatever it takes to make your voice heard. We all know the clock is ticking here. No matter who our next President may be, none of the likely candidates have a strong committment to adult stem cell research. In fact, we stand to lose some of the legislative gains we have made. We need to do what we can with the time we have.

Read Bill Schneeberger’s letter here. Think about the power of branding via “awareness” logos. Consider the ubiquitious, innocuous power of the pink ribbon not only during the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), but all through the year.  The Pink Ribbon Campaign was jump-started by a proclamation from President Clinton. Imagine how we could market the cause of “Cures without Controversy” in such a way. Consider what you will do to help. Need ideas? Stay tuned.


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