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March 28, 2008

China stem cell therapy offers hope, U.S. offers “caution”.

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There are several stories here, but let’s first give a hat tip to Don Margolis for blogging this article about little Lydia Olmsted, born with an ocular defect, septo-optic dysplasia. You may recall reading about another little girl here, Rylea, born with another ocular defect, optic nerve hypoplasia.

So, what are the stories here?

First, hope where there was none. Lydia can see better after having traveled to China to receive therapies derived from umbilical cord cells. Just like Rylea.

These therapies are not FDA approved. American stem cell scientists as well as other medical professionals warn patients to be cautious because these treatments have not been submitted to the protocols required in FDA clinical trials.

But both these families are well-informed about the novelty of the treatments they have submitted their daughters to. Both the girls can see things they could not before. American physicians time and time again offered them no hope. What would you do? And what do future families stand to gain because these families were willing to not only take the risk, but in addition, pay for it, too?

How many opportunities, therapies, and cures have we lost (to foreign researchers?) . . . not because of caution, but because of a pathological obsession with the use of embryonic stem cells? Where would be now if all those minds, all that talent, and truly — all that money had gone to adult stem cell research?


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