Adult Stem Cell Awareness

May 6, 2008

Sad news

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Bill just sent out the news that BOGO Wines is disbanding. BOGO has been running on the sacrifices, the good will, and purchases of so many people. But ultimately, good businesses supporting good causes need good profits. Bill puts it like this:

In a nutshell, BOGO should have been “stopped on cuts” two years ago. We have only been able to generate 25% of the needed sales to be self sustaining and to turn a small profit. And not to long ago, when I was still hoping against hope, my wife Dawn said “Bill, you have tried to do the impossible” She is right. Although, in the past three years while attempting to do the impossible, I have been blessed beyond measure. The relationships that I have been privileged to be part of, whether with organization or individuals, has truly be been humbling. But the best part of all this has been you, the customer. When people have asked me when BOGO will be available in their local wine stores, I explained “when there are enough people like my current customers. People who are compassionate, informed, active, prayerful and enjoy a good glass of wine. It has been an honor dealing with all of you.

Bill, you stepped out in faith with this venture. While BOGO may not have generated enormous revenue, it did help spread the word about ethical stem cell research and therapies in a completely novel way. It will be amazing to see what doors God opens for you now. Thanks, Bill, for all you have done.


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