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November 2, 2008

On the eve of election ’08

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Taking a break from my baby hiatus to do whatever I can to help people understand that Mr. Obama is no cool, calm, rational “bridge-builder” between pro-life and abortion rights. No, he is as radical as it gets. It’s disheartening to find that so many of us still do not understand the anti-life implications of an Obama presidency. Please read the “Just say no” post to grasp the tenor of Mr. Obama’s approach to things pro-life.

Think these warnings are overly pessimistic? Here’s Mr. Obama talking to Planned Parenthood:

Do you know what FOCA is? If you don’t yet, check it out.


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  1. From The Repair Stem Cell Institute Nov 12, 2008
    President-elect Obama’s four year term will surely start with billions earmarked for embryonic stem cell research. What America needs instead, is more money spent on stem cells which can already repair the human body in a hundred ways: Adult Stem Cells which we prefer to call Repair Stem Cells (RSC).
    The reason why Americans want more money directed toward stem cells is clear: Millions of people are suffering from medical conditions for which there is no adequate current treatment, and the healthcare cost burden is staggering.
    Unfortunately, science has already shown us that embryonic stem cells (ESC) may not be the solution; after ten years of efforts to tame an embryonic cell to do what it was not intended to do, the FDA is nowhere near allowing clinical trial testing on human beings
    Fortunately, all of our bodies already contain cells that repair our bodies, and perform this function every day of our lives, the Repair Stem Cell. These cells, and there are dozens of different types, constantly leap to our aid when we need help. Cut your finger, no problem; a repair skin cell will do its work and heal your skin. Break a bone? Ditto! Injure another part of your body, these cells are always ready to jump in and help. Sometimes though, our bodies need help to muster more of these stem cells to our aid than our bodies normally provide. That’s when we need the help of medical science to supplement our body’s own tool-kit.
    To look to the future, Americans should be looking at Repair Stem Cells.
    For example, Osiris a USA company using world-leading science, has been working with the FDA to gain approval for some of its life-saving and life-improving products. Osiris intends to finish clinical trials for two untreatable diseases in 2010 and get the products to market to save and improve lives NOW, while no embryonic clinical trials are even being considered for any disease —not one!
    There are other U.S. companies too, such as Bioheart, also in clinical trials, ready to bring help to victims of untreatable heart diseases, using science not available to ESC. Diabetics should know there are dozens of trials completed or ongoing using RSC to improve their health. We will make sure the White House, Congress and the public all know it.
    RSCI will never stop advocating the overwhelming scientific advantages of RSC for people who need it. We shall continue to expose the truth with science and reality, bringing the message to all who will listen.

    America cannot afford another four years of falling further behind the only stem cell science which holds promise. We need change, and we need change now. President-elect Obama, we call on you to deliver the change we need to improve our suffering. Help us with directing more public funding to the gold standard of stem cells to repair the ailing bodies of all of us, children, working people, and the elderly — Repair Stem Cells.

    Don Margolis
    The Repair Stem Cell Institute

    Comment by Don Margolis — November 12, 2008 @ 6:55 am | Reply

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