Adult Stem Cell Awareness

February 19, 2009

How long, how long must we sing this song?

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American Thinker takes on news of the fetal stem cell “cure” fiasco. Of course, anyone paying attention knows that the unfortunate turn (this is happening to a teenager, after all) is not really any kind of new development – it’s an anticipated complication from using embryonic stem cells – one that has plagued the so-called therapies since the beginning.  More funding will not impact this type of outcome, nor the moral wrongness of destroying a human life.

Problems with fetal stem cell ‘cure’

Thomas Lifson
Fetal stem cell research became a craze on the left when it appeared that it could be used to justify “harvesting” of fetuses, thereby reinforcing the notion that human beings in utero are objects to be used for the benefit of others. Those anti-abortion activists who criticized the use of fetal stem cells were pilloried as anti-science, standing in the way of cures for Parkinson’s Disease and much more.The embarrassing reality has been that fetal stem cells have not produced much of value, while adult stem cell research has flourished. Californians, whose state faces a massive financial crisis,  have even borrowed 3 billion dollars to fund stem cell research on the promises of activists. continue


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