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March 28, 2009

Scientists to Test Ability of Stem Cells to “Knit Together” Torn Knee Tissue

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bandageGood news for knee injuries – all-too common among athletes, many which are career ending injuries:

A NEW technique to “knit together” torn knee tissue using stem cells is set to be tested in patients within the next year, scientists in Edinburgh were told yesterday.

Professor Anthony Hollander, who was part of the team that transplanted a windpipe made using stem cells into a patient last year, said researchers now hoped to mend torn knee cartilage – a common injury among young sportsmen and women.

It is thought the technique could prevent patients suffering serious knee problems, including osteoarthritis, for years to come. More details of the trial are set to be announced in the next month.

Researchers around the world, including in Edinburgh, are also exploring the use of stem cells in knee and bone injuries….

the technique, which will be tested initially on ten patients, involves implanting stem cells on a membrane into the middle of the lesion and sewing it up.

Even more good news:

Prof Hollander also revealed plans for further trials of transplants involving the stem-cell engineered windpipe, or trachea…

[F]ive more patients had been identified around Europe who could benefit from the treatment if they secured further funding.

He said they also hoped to start trials using laboratory-made voice boxes in the next five years. The technique could potentially be used for a range of organs, including the large blood vessels and intestine.

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Shamefully a Google news search for this story (that I learned about via a Family Research Council email) yielded only one result. If this was being done with ESCs a similar search would have seen much more results.

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  1. Congratulations to Professor Anthony Hollander and other clinicians who are committed to the use of stem cells for the repair of damaged cartilage. At Regenexx we have successfully regenerated knee cartilage utilizing adult, autlogous mesenchymal stem cells. First Regeneration of meniscus cartilage in a knee treated with percutaneously implanted autologous mesenchymal stem cells.

    Centeno CJ, Busse D, Kisiday J, Keohan C, Freeman M, Karli D.

    Med Hypotheses. 2008 Dec;71(6):900-8. Epub 2008 Sep 10.

    PMID: 18786777 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

    Increased knee cartilage volume in degenerative joint disease using percutaneously implanted, autologous mesenchymal stem cells.

    Centeno CJ, Busse D, Kisiday J, Keohan C, Freeman M, Karli D.

    Pain Physician. 2008 May-Jun;11(3):343-53.

    PMID: 18523506 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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    Unfortunately all this will stop if the FDA gets their way. They contend that expansion of autologous MSC is the manufactuer of a drug. see

    Comment by stemcelldoc — March 29, 2009 @ 12:53 am | Reply

  2. Thnx stemcelldoc – we need to put you on our blog roll!

    Comment by benotafraid — March 29, 2009 @ 1:02 am | Reply

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