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April 17, 2009

Diabetes Orgs are in Denial

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Well, in one way or another.

Jill Stanek says they are being deceitful, claiming to oppose cloning, when in fact, they only oppose reproductive cloning, not therapeutic cloning. Of course, they do endorse embryonic stem cell research, so it’s not a surprise that they also endorse therapeutic cloning. We wonder, along with Jill, why don’t they just say it instead of hiding behind words that many people are not familiar with?

And still another way the diabetes orgs are in denial is their fervent support for embryonic stem cell research. They are hopelessly left behind in the hype of the 90’s as science marches forward. For example, results from one trial using patients’ own stem cells and chemotherapy, allowed some participants with diabetes Type 1 to go 4 years without the use of insulin, while the average was almost 3 years.  Interestingly, it appears that most of the American Diabetes Association research grants have been awarded to research using non-embryonic stem cells (at current viewing). Given that embryonic stem cell research has not been banned in the US, one wonders why the ADA has not thrown their money at embryonic stem cell research? Perhaps they actually don’t have that much faith in it, afterall? Perhaps they’d prefer that you and I pocket the iffy research and they can keep their donors happy by funding the studies with the solid outcomes . . . maybe?

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  1. Hi and thanks for linking to my post. To be clear, the ADA rep stated in her email the ADA “strongly oppos[es] human cloning.” She was very clear, and she was lying. The ADA supports killing clones for research, just not growing them in uteruses.

    Thanks again,


    Comment by Jill Stanek — April 17, 2009 @ 12:14 pm | Reply

  2. Yes, she is hiding their endorsement of therapeutic cloning behind words that most people won’t understand to mean cloning. In short, yes, an orchestrated lie.

    Comment by benotafraid — April 17, 2009 @ 12:43 pm | Reply

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