Adult Stem Cell Awareness

July 21, 2009

Adult Stem Cells Help Scleroderma Patient Feel “Reborn”

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New Jersey patient’s chronic autoimmune disease improves after adult stem cell treatment:

[A]fter undergoing an autologous adult stem-cell transplant 14 months ago to stop his advanced case of scleroderma, an incurable autoimmune disease that causes excess collagen to make skin tighten and feel hard and thick, George is able to pinch his pliable skin. He’s also able to open his mouth real wide.

“I feel really good,” said George, a retired William C. McGinnis School principal, who in April was taken off all medications, including antibiotics, related to his transplant.

“I feel I was reborn,” George said. “It’s great to be alive.”…

Just before the March 13, 2008, adult stem-cell transplant, George’s skin was stiff and his face was tight. He had a hard time swallowing. Doctors were concerned his condition was spreading internally to the point it might close his esophagus and damage his heart and lungs.

The procedure George underwent at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago involved taking stem cells from his bone marrow, cleaning and freezing them while he received large doses of chemotherapy to cleanse his immune system before the stem cells were put back into his body to grow.

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