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November 12, 2009

Cord Blood Reverses Cerebral Palsy in Colorado Girl

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FoxNews reports:

On May 28, 2008, at the age of 2, Chloe received a 15-minute re-infusion of her stem cells.

“The doctor is really cautious about what she tells patients,” Jenny Levine (Chloe’s mother) said. “She didn’t have a whole lot of results coming in. The best case scenario, we’d see signs of improvement in six months to a year.”

Within four days, her parents saw a noticeable difference, although Kurtzberg said most kids show benefits three to nine months later.

The rigidity on Chloe’s right side loosened up and her speech started to improve. She was able to ride her toy tractor, which in the past had been too difficult for her to pedal.

“Her life is completely normal, she doesn’t drag her right foot, she can use her right hand,” Jenny Levine said. “She rides a bike, a scooter…we’re taking her skiing this year. She’s fabulous.”

At this time, (Dr. Joanne) Kurtzberg (a professor of pediatrics and pathology at Duke University) said she does not know how long the effects of cord blood will last on kids like Chloe, but if there is a good chance it will be “durable and last indefinitely.” This is essential, since most babies have enough cells for only one infusion.

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