Adult Stem Cell Awareness

August 5, 2010

Dick Van Dyke to Help Raise Adult Stem Cell Awareness!

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God love him! Dick Van Dyke has been named the first-ever spokesperson of Cell Therapy Foundation, a public charity founded in 2007, to advance awareness about the benefits of adult stem cell research. From CTF:

Mr. Van Dyke is scheduled to record a series of public service announcements focused on educating the public that adult stem cells, which come from bone marrow, fat, umbilical cord blood and placenta, skin, muscle, and other sources, have healing functions that are leading to new therapies for many diseases. An avid graphic artist and animation hobbyist, Mr. Van Dyke will also participate in the development of an animation film project that will visually explain the repair functionality of adult stem cells in a fun and creative way.

“I am truly impressed by the potential that adult stem cell research has already shown and am hopeful that by getting the message to more people, we can fund additional research that could positively impact thousands of lives around the world,” said Mr. Van Dyke.

This is particularly exciting news considering so many other celebrities, including Van Dyke’s former onscreen wife Mary Tyler Moore, have been using their voices to advance stem cell research that destroys human embryos.

If you can, please help support the Cell Therapy Foundation

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  1. Is there anyway I can be of assistence to Mr. Van Dyke’s efforts?
    Please see my video about adult stem cells on my web site, cells that heal . com (one word )

    Comment by Roger Nocera, M.D. — April 18, 2011 @ 12:51 pm | Reply

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